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Most Helpful Blur Frame Photo Editor Software and Apps

An artful vignette blur can make or break an image. It’s a tasteful edit that can help add depth to your photographs. So, how does one get this kind of effect? Well, there are countless of blur frame photo editors that will help you achieve this look- without any stress or precision editing on your part. Below, we will be introducing a couple of these methods in detail. Give it a scroll! See which one of them is the best for you.

Part 1. Most Helpful Blur Frame Photo Editor Software

If you’re looking for a quick fix - look no further! We introduce you to the Fotophire Focus. You can download - or learn more about the product, on the Wondershare official website. With a small one-time payment, you can expect a bounty of editing features. Here are just a few that are relevant to today’s subject.

Key Features

  • • Ability to blur frames and edges of images with ease
  • • Slider feature that allows for precision blur frame editing
  • • Light Vignette Blurs - Frost up the edges with a cool white frame!
  • • Dark Vignette Blurs - Darken the mood with a shadowy frame!
  • • Apply focal points and enhance the focus of the image

How to Use This Blur Frame Photo Editor

Step 1: Launch Software & Import Image

In order to start, you’re going to have to launch the Fotophire Focus - you can demo the product by downloading the free trial on their website. Once you’ve had the software installed, run the Fotophire Focus in order to begin! Doing this will open up the blur frame photo editor software. Important the image that you would like to blur the edges of, and move on to the next step!

BLur Frame Photo Editor - Install and Start Fotophire Focus

Step 2: Vignetting

In order to use the blur frame photo editor properly, let’s look at some background. We’ll be vignetting the image, and to vignette means to: fade without a definitive border. The Fotophire Focus offers this feature to allow you to blur frames and edges of photographs. Click on “VIGNETTING” the drop down menu, and move on to the next step!

BLur Frame Photo Editor - Vignetting

Step 3: Light and Dark Blur Frame Photo Editing

There are two basic ways that you can blur the frames and edges of your photographs with Fotophire Focus. These are the light and dark vignette. In the two images shown below, the sample on the left is called a dark vignette and the sample on the right is called a light vignette. If you move the slider to the left, this will create a dark blur. Now, if you move the slider to the right, this will create a light blur.

BLur Frame Photo Editor - Blur Fram Photo Editing

Step 4: Save Changes

In the image below, you’ll see that we used the light vignette to give the image a frosty blurry edge. You can play with the blur frame photo editor as much as you like until you are satisfied with the image! When you’re done, save the edit and you’re good to go!

BLur Frame Photo Editor - Save Changes

Bonus Step: Creative Blur

If you’re looking for a more prominent blur, you can apply one of the creative blur presets that the Fotophire Focus features. For example, the image below features a linear blur. This blurs the edges of the photogram and frames the image perfectly! There are various of other blur tools that you can use in the Fotophire Focus - play around to see which of these will work best for you!

BLur Frame Photo Editor - Creative Blur

Part 2. Another 4 Helpful Side Blur Photo Editor Software

Now, if you’re looking to broaden your horizons, there are other ways of blur frame photo editing. Below, we’ll be describing the pros and cons of a couple of different softwares software. This way, you can get an idea of whether or not it’s the one for you!


The first one that we’ll be introducing, is Adobe Photoshop. There’s no doubt, that when it comes to professional-grade blur frame photo editing, that this is one of the best. The product is downloadable here. It offers a lot of precision-based editing, however, it’s not as intuitive or user-friendly as the Fotophire Focus or the 3 other programs that we’ll be introducing today.


  • • Precision-based blur frame photo editing
  • • Filled with a variety of photo editing features
  • • Offers a 7-Day Free Trial


  • • PREMIUM PRICE - Monthly or Yearly Memberships
  • • Made for trained professionals
  • • Requires a laptop that can handle it’s bulky software
BLur Frame Photo Editor - Adobe Photoshop


You may or may not be aware, but the Microsoft Office offers a variety of blur frame photo editing features! The methods are not as broad or precision-based as Fotophire Focus or Photoshop, but it provides some versatility for photographs that you plan to use in documents! The product details are accessible through here.


  • • Blur Frame Photo Editor inside of document editing software!
  • • Explain the content of your images through the text editor.
  • • A variety of preset Blur Frame Photo Edits available


  • • Expensive one-time payment
  • • Expensive monthly or yearly memberships
  • • Not a graphics editing software
BLur Frame Photo Editor - Microsoft Office


Movavi is a large enterprise, they produce a lot editing software - be it blur frame photo editors, movie editors, etc. Their photo editing software can be downloaded through here - they also have a Mac version here. The photo editor goes for $39.95 and $79.95 for Personal and Business licenses respectively.


  • • Offers a Free Trial
  • • Precision-based editing
  • • Features a variety of Blur Frame Photo Editing capabilities


  • • Expensive one-time payment
  • • Not as comprehensive
  • • Photo Focus software is sold separately - $29.95 or $59.95
BLur Frame Photo Editor - Movavi Photo Editor


The Instablurr is a windows 10 app that you can use for basic editing. The features are similar to the ones you see in a lot of mobile blur photo editor apps. It can be downloaded here, for free.


  • • Easy-to-use blur frame photo editor software
  • • Allows for Vignette blurs
  • • Offers a variety of other basic editing features


  • • Possibly too simplistic
  • • Only allows for basic blur frame photo editing
  • • The Interface is awkward for a Windows 10 app
BLur Frame Photo Editor - InstaBlurr

Part 3. 5 Helpful Side Blur Photo Editor for Mobile


The first blur frame photo editor for mobile that we’re introducing is called Blurize.This app was specifically designed for blur photo editing. It features a variety of different frames that you can use in order to frame your photograph. In the image below, we had a little fun and used the heart blur frame photo editing tool.

BLur Frame Photo Editor - Blurize


The next blur frame photo editor app is called After Focus. This one offers precision-based blur editing. As shown in the images below, you will have to color in the areas you want in focus - it will blur out the rest.

BLur Frame Photo Editor - After Focus


Square in Pic is a simple blur photo frame editor that offers a couple of different blur frames. These are preset, but not as adjustable as the previous two.

BLur Frame Photo Editor - Square in Pic


If you weren’t already aware, Adobe Photoshop had launched a mobile app of their own. It’s a convenient app that allows for a couple of preset blur frame editing. It’s not as bulky as the main software, but it is still very efficient.

BLur Frame Photo Editor - Adobe Photoshop Express


The final mobile app is called VSCO. This is an app that a lot of professionals use to re-touch their photographs on the go. It offers a variety of basic editing capabilities as well as some preset blur frame photo editing capabilities.

BLur Frame Photo Editor - VSCO

Conclusion: Helpful Photo Editors that Can Blur Frames & Edges

Whether or not you’re looking for something with bulky editing features or a quick edit sort of fix, the Fotophire focus is definitely the best choice. It offers a variety of premium blur frame photo editing capabilities with an interface that is as easy and efficient as most mobile editing apps. It’s the best of both worlds.

May 30,2018 15:26 pm