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Most Reliable Image Resizer for Windows Users


There are plenty of image resizers for Windows available for you in the market to edit and resize images as per your desire. While picking one such picture resizer, you need to be extra careful about choosing the right application to get the most efficient and reliable one for you. You can find both online and desktop version of these programs, which might help you in resizing your picture that do not distort the image, like most photo resizer in kb do. Here, in this article we will introduce you to the top most picture resizing tools that you can benefit from. Keep reading to know more!

Part 1. Top 5 Image Resizer Programs for Windows Desktop Users

This list of image resizers for Windows PC contains the most reliable image resizer tools that can help you in achieving the best results in photo editing. Unlike online image resizing applications, these programs are installed on your computer and work efficiently irrespective of your internet connectivity or bandwidth speed. So, let’s explore the top 5 amazing tools that make your pictures look oh so wow!

1. Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit


While speaking of picture resize software applications for Windows PC, Wondershare Fotophire undoubtedly leads the league. With its flawless image editing features, be it image resizing or background removing, it has gained more admiration than its counterparts. Novice editors can hugely benefit from this application, due to its intuitive interface that largely consists of drag and drop facilities to render better performance with least efforts. Professional quality editing is also available along with 20 blend modes in this software, which makes cropping and resizing pictures a cake walk. Multiple images can get processed in batches with Fotophire.

Download Win Version

You can Get Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit for Mac Here.

Key Features of Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

  • • Your images get a professional makeover with more than 200 photo effects along with a huge collection of overlays, frames, and filters.
  • • This image resize supports a broad range of image formats including TIFF, PNG, JPEG, JXR, BMP, JIFF etc.
  • • The 20 plus blend modes allow you to have a strong hold on managing the intensity and overlay effects of the images being edited to enhance their appearance.
  • • Be it balancing the saturation and warmth to color correct an image, or using the vignette and blur features to partially focus and blur photos, Fotophire offers you matchless possibilities.
  • • You get the opportunity to view the before and after images in 4 different modes – split view, side-by-side, vertical, and horizontal.
Image Resizer for Windows - Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

2. Photoshop


Photoshop has been the most revered tool for professional photo editors and designers. This image resizer tool is aptly suitable for professionals and a tad complicated for novice designers and editors. Even if the advantages and features are exceptional, working with them is a task for beginners while editing any image. The features of Photoshop allow you to transform images and create beautiful design illustrations and paintings.

Key Features of Adobe Photoshop

  • • Photoshop has various advanced brushes that render smooth lines and curves while drawing images.
  • • Using its subject feature you can easily select the subject while editing.
  • • Simple templates and intuitive tools are easier for professionals to use.
  • • You need the ‘Pen’ or ‘Quick Selection’ tool while changing the background of your picture.
  • • The 3D art work created using Photoshop can be converted into an animation or get printed.
Image Resizer for Windows - Adobe Photoshop

3. Teorex PhotoScissors


Being one of the top image resizer for Windows Teorex PhotoScissors enables you to resize pictures without limiting its size (resolution or kb). It also works as an image background remover supporting foreground segmentation, and extracts the subject out of any photograph for future usages as well. There are two different brushes that enable you to mark the parts that you want to erase and keep from within the picture you are currently editing.

Key Features of Teorex PhotoScissors

  • • This photo resizing tool doesn’t restrict the file size for the photo you want to edit.
  • • This software is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • • You can change the background of an image by swapping the background or replacing with a solid color of your choice.
  • • You can erase complex backgrounds from images using this tool.
  • • Its interactive interface helps you to change image background and resize them as you desire.
Image Resizer for Windows - Teorex PhotoScissors



Among the leading picture resizers, GIMP is reliable to edit and resize photos on your desktop. It can also erase the background of a picture and replaces it with a new one. It enables you to create graphical design elements, icons, and art that you can utilize as the user interface components. The customizable interface supports your basic image editing needs at large.

Key Features of GIMP

  • • You get high quality image manipulation using the various tools of GIMP.
  • • You can digitally retouch pictures to remove unnecessary details from it and restoring it to creative composites.
  • • You can get rid of barrel distortion from any image using this tool.
  • • It consists of plug-ins and scripts and brings regular updates for enhanced image editing experience.
  • • Its buggy environment deters fast photo editing and it slows down the process.
Image Resizer for Windows - GIMP

5. Photo Background Remover


Photo Background Remover is one of the photo resizer software that is basically used for erasing and replacing backgrounds of photographs, but can be utilized to resize images as well. It helps you extract the subject from any image and paste over another background. Most e-commerce sites prefer this tool as it comes with the watermarking facility and produces images with smooth edges. You get to remove the background area using two methods with this tool.

Key Features of Photo Background Remover

  • • During collage creation you can freely move the objects around the image.
  • • You can process multiple images at once through this software using its batch operation tool.
  • • You can erase the background swiftly, using its automatic background detection feature.
  • • The images can be resized, and the background can be changed with simple steps.
  • • The two brushes denoted with red and green color specify what you want to remove and what you want to retain from within the picture.
Image Resizer for Windows - Photo Background Remover

Part 2. Top 5 Image Resizer for Windows Web Browsers

After going through the list of image resizer for Windows, let’s go through the resizer tools available online for Windows browser as well. These tools run directly on your browser without requiring you to install any software but unlike desktop based resizers they edit and resize images with certain restrictions.

1. rsizr


rsizr is among the known photo resizer applications that enable you to remove unnecessary white spaces from across the subject of your desired photograph as well as crop them to a specific size. You can also edit the image by rotating it either to the left or right. After removing a person or cropping an unwanted part from the photograph, you can easily resize it to a certain resolution, though, you can’t control the file size, as it’s not a photo resizer storing in kb (it has no control over the kb).


  • • You can save them with PNG and JPG formats.
  • • You get 3 image resizing options with this online tool namely – crop, rescale, and retarget.
  • • You can adjust the brush options using the remove, erase, and preserve features while editing a picture.


  • • It has a not so appealing interface to attract the users.
  • • Without ‘Flash Player’ you can’t run this on your browser, forget about resizing or editing the picture.
  • • It allows you to only upload images from your PC and save them back to it. There is no option to export the images or share them over popular social media sites or upload to your cloud accounts.
Image Resizer for Windows - rsizr



Using this Windows browser picture resizer you can create GIF files, and convert files from PDF to JPG images. Apart from image resizing its resizing feature allows you to fill the background with a solid color, in case the image proportion gets changed. The permissible image size that you can upload with this tool is 100 MB (maximum) with 100 MP resolutions. And you can’t upload any picture that is not on your computer.


  • • Apart from being an image resizing tool, it also acts as a background remover that fills the background with a solid or custom color, or makes it transparent.
  • • Image cropping is allowed while resizing the images.
  • • The pictures can be rotated 180 degrees using this online software.


  • • You get plenty of annoying Ads that distracts you from your editing work.
  • • You can’t upload and edit or resize GIFs that exceed the 30 MB file size imitations.
  • • You can only save the images in these 4 formats – BMP, GIF, PNG, and JPG.
Image Resizer for Windows -

3. I Love IMG


I Love IMG is one of the leading photo resizer applications that run on Windows browsers allowing batch resizing of multiple images. Before initiating the resizing process for the images, you have to specify the new pixels (height and weights) for them. To prevent the images from getting distorted and pixelated you need to select the ‘Do not enlarge if smaller’ and ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ options. Using the ‘By Percentage’ tab, you can resize images to 75%, 50%, or 25% smaller.


  • • You can batch resize multiple photographs.
  • • Dropbox, computer, and Google Drive are the sources from where you can upload a photo to get edited with I Love IMG.
  • • You can prevent producing blurry or pixelated images using the ‘Do not enlarge if smaller’ option.


  • • With numerous annoying Ads, it becomes tough to focus on the task at hand.
  • • The ‘by Percentage’ option can only reduce the image size and not enlarge it as per your desire.
  • • The only supported file formats are GIF, JPG, and PNG.
Image Resizer for Windows - I Love IMG

4. BeFunky


While discussing image resizer programs for Windows browser, BeFunky features at the top 5 list by offering you 2 ways to resize images. You can either resize by percentage or use the dimensions of the pictures (altering width X height). When you enter either the height or width of any image to resize, the program automatically adjusts the other factor to avoid distortion of the image. You can also manually set the dimensions by unselecting the ‘Lock Aspect Ratio’ of the image, though, it might distort the image. Upgrading to the advanced version only allows you to unlock more features like frames, filters, effects, and touchups.


  • • The edited images can be saved on your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, or BeFunky.
  • • Popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr are supported for sharing the edited images.
  • • You can also capture photos using your webcam, or upload them from Facebook, computer, BeFunky, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


  • • To use the ‘Designer’ and ‘Collage’ features of this application, you will require a BeFunky Plus subscription.
  • • Lots of irritating Ads appear on your screen, making editing a grueling task.
  • • While changing the background of any picture, you need to have a Plus subscription to use the ‘Cut Out’ and ‘Background’ tool.
Image Resizer for Windows - Befunky

5. Social Image Resizer Tool


This photo resizer portal is primarily meant for social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. With this tool, you can take photographs on social media to another level by creating favicons for Twitter and Facebook. You can click and drag the mouse over the selection box to make a custom-sized selection box.


  • • You can save the edited files in GIF, JPG, ICO, or PNG format.
  • • You can resize the image and decide the file size according to the respective social media platform you are uploading your photo on.
  • • The favicons that you create here will help you to crop and resize photos for Twitter as well as Facebook.


  • • Uploading and processing of images is very slow in this tool.
  • • You can’t upload photos from anywhere else except a URL or your computer, and the size of the file shouldn’t exceed 2 MB.
  • • You can’t perform any editing exercises beyond cropping or resizing images and the program interface is also a bit clumsy to figure out.
Image Resizer for Windows -
Comparison between Desktop and Online Image Resizer for Windows

Now that you have a clear idea about what a desktop program and an online application can offer as a photo resizer, why not check which is best among them? Let’s go through the table underneath and pick the best one for you.

Features Desktop Image Resizers for Windows Online Image Resizers for Windows
Reliability Extremely Reliable Online programs usually make your data susceptible to virus infections.
Performance Fast and convenient to use Depends on the network connectivity and download speed
Speed Much Faster due to advanced tools and no internet dependency Slow as the online resize does eat up several minutes due to network connectivity and download speed
Output Image Size Adjustable depending upon requirement Resizes photo in kb
Bandwidth Cost/Internet Required No internet required Stable Internet connectivity required

Final Verdict:

From the above information from the table as well as the data given in the entire article, we conclude that Wondershare is an amazing tool that enables you to perform plethora of photo editing exercises on your computer. It not only works as an image resizer, but also allows you to change background through its user-friendly interface. Forget about being trained as a professional designer or photo editor, Fotophire will transform your image editing skills like never before.

Apr 03,2019 14:43 pm