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Resize JPG with 3 Easy Ways

There are many instances where we find ourselves in the need to resize JPG or other image formats. In such case, many people think it is a difficult task and have a little idea about it. If you are one of those people who think the same way and find this situation relatable, we are glad to inform you here that there are numerous easy ways through which you can reduce JPG file size this is what we are going to introduce in this article. We will tell you ways to resize your JPG images for various platforms and will discuss them in detail. We are sure this article will help you. So, let’s start.

Part 1. Resize JPG on PC with Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

The best option that one can get to resize JPG or other file formats in a Windows PC is to use Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit. This software is the creation of Wondershare which is one of the leading brands in the multimedia industry. Loved by millions of users, this software is worth trusting for and trying. You cannot just resize your image with it but can use for various other photo editing purposes. This Windows PC software has different photo editing tools that are extremely easy to use and you can get results in just a few clicks. Let us know about its features to fully understand Wondershare Fotophire.

  • • One of its tools include Photo Editor, which provides you over 200 effects and other helpful features.
  • • Photo Cutter enables you to crop or cut images with one click.
  • • Photo Eraser can help you to erase backgrounds or watermarks from the images easily.
  • • This program also allows you to change the background of photos with any picture you want.
  • • It also allows you to fix blurry photos with simple steps.

Download Win Version

You can Get Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit for Mac Here.

How to Reduce JPG File Size with Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 1 – Get the Software in your PC

Firstly, download Wondershare Fotophre from its official website and install it. Open the software by double clicking on its icon at the desktop or wherever you have saved it. From its main screen, there will be modes that we discussed above. You need to pick out ‘Photo Editor’. Just click on it and follow the next step.

Resize JPG - Start the Program

Step 2 – Upload the Photo

You will enter the main interface that will be having an option of ‘Open’. Clicking on it will help you move further in uploading the JPG image whose size you want change. Start choosing your photo and upload it.

Resize JPG - Import JPG File into Program Window

Step 3 – Resize your Picture

Now, look for the crop icon in order to start resizing your JPG image. When you see the icon, click on it. You will get various aspect ratios. You can choose the one you want and change the size accordingly. You will also find an ‘Angle’ option just below the ratios, with the help of which you can tilt or rotate your picture easily.

Resize JPG - Resize JPG File

Step 4 – Finish the Process

In the end, when you get the exact size you want and have resized JPG as you wanted, click on the Crop button and the reduced JPG file size will appear for a short time. Hit on the save icon at the top and complete the process by saving it in your PC.

Resize JPG - Save Changes

Part 2. Resize JPG on Mac with Preview

Preview can help the Mac users who want to resize JPG images in their Mac. Preview is a basic inbuilt image viewer tool in Mac that allows users to view and print digital images. It also works as PDF viewer and the users can view their PDF files easily on it. This tool can also be of use when one wants to edit their pictures such as it can help in cropping, rotating, colour extraction etc. let us get to know its positives and negatives.


  • • A wide range of image file formats are supported by Mac’s Preview. If not wrong, it can support almost all image formats.
  • • It can easily help in signing documents and important forms right on the screen. This means, there is no need to print the document separately and then get it signed. You can easily do it on your Mac.
  • • It is also able to protect the confidential documents if a particular PDF has sensitive information. For this, the users can choose ‘File’ > ‘Export’, select ‘Encrypt’, and enter a password.


  • • Only basic editing options are given. The advanced photo editing features are not there.
  • • It is not able to support ISO-standardized PDFs. If force to save these PDFs, it damages the file without noticing.
  • • The software is only available for Mac computers only.

How to Use Preview to Resize JPG on Mac

Step 1 – Before beginning, we would suggest to first make a copy of your original image file. This is because if anything goes wrong while making changes to the file, you can have the original one saved with you. Just select the file and press Command + C followed by Command +V and have a copy of the image.

Resize JPG - Make a Copy of the Image

Step 2 – Now, to start with, you need to select the picture of which you want to change the size. Just select and right click on the photo. Choose ‘Open With’ followed by ‘Preview’. This way, your JPG file will open in Preview.

Resize JPG - OPen the Image with Preview

Step 3 – Now, go to the ‘Tools’ option from the menu bar and then choose ‘Adjust Size’ option. You will get to a new window named as ‘Image Dimensions’ where you can adjust the size of your image.

Resize JPG - Adjust Size

Step 4 – To begin resizing JPG, click on the drop-down menu for unit selection. You get the ‘pixels’, ‘percent’, ‘inches’, ‘cm’, ‘mm’ and ‘points’ options. Choose the one which you want.

Resize JPG - Select the Option to Resize the Image

Step 5 – It’s time to set the height and width of the photo that you want. Just enter the desired size details i.e. height and width for the image.

Note: To preserve the image proportions, the height and width fields are proportionally linked to each other that means changing any of them will proportionally adjust the other one automatically. In order to resize your image freely, uncheck the ‘Scale proportionally’ option.

Resize JPG - Set up the Width and Height of the Image

Step 6 – While entering the details, you can see the changing file size showing at the bottom of the window. You can check out the size and get satisfied before proceeding for final output. Hit on ‘OK’ and the changes will be done to your existing photo. If the results are not satisfying, you can also undo your actions by pressing Command + Z and go back to the original photo size.

Resize JPG - Double-Check before Saving

Step 7 – At the end, save your resized JPG image in your Mac. Just hit on ‘File’ option from the menu bar and choose ‘Save As’ to save the file successfully.

Resize JPG - Save Changes

Part 2. Resize JPG on Mac with Preview

JPG Resizing App for iPhone Users: Image Size

Image Size is an app that can help you reduce JPG file size in an iPhone. So, if you are using an iPhone, you can download this app for free. The app works quickly and easily. Moreover, the app is available in variety of languages like Dutch, English, Italian, French, and German etc. Also, for using this app, your device must be running with an iOS 9.0 or above. With the help of this app, you can use four units including millimetres, centimetres, pixels and inches. With 4+ ratings, this app for iPhone can be considered as a wise option for resizing JPG or any other picture. To know how this app helps in resizing, read on and follow the tutorial below.

How to Use Image Size App to Resize JPG

Step 1 – Start with installing the app from App Store in your iPhone and then run it to move further.

Step 2 – Now, look at the top and you will find some icons there. Tap on the first one to open the photo to be resized and upload it. The second icon (camera icon) is used to take a photo to resize it. When the preferred photo is uploaded in the app, you will be able to see it in the app’s interface with the option all around the picture.

Step 3 – Choose the unit from pixels, mm, cm and inch. The inches would be the largest unit. Then centimetre followed by millimetre and smallest would be pixels. Therefore, choose according to your needs. Once done, enter the output size that you need.

Step 4 – Crop the photo using your fingers now. At the icons sections above, you get the editing icons. Tap on them to edit your photos. You can add filters, effects, adjust your pictures, blur or focus certain parts and even draw on it.

Step 5 – Once done with resizing and editing parts, it’s time to end the process. Now, look at the bottom for the icons to either save or print or share the photo. The first one with the downward arrow will be used to save the picture. Second is for share, third for sending the picture directly. And the last one would be for printing the image.

Resize JPG - iPhone JPG Resizing App

JPG Resizing App for Android Users: Photo & Picture Resizer

Not everyone uses iPhone, there are many people who owns an Android device. Considering this, in this ‘resize JPG with mobile’ section, we feel it is fair to introduce you with one of the useful apps that can work on Android device for the same purpose. So, all the Android users need to scroll down a little in order to understand the app for reducing JPG file size and its usage.

The app that Android users can use is ‘Photo & Picture Resizer’. This free JPG resizer app is one of the best apps out there that can work without any fuss. Within a click, you can adjust the size of your picture according to you and that too without losing quality. Your editied pictures will get automatically saved in the app’s directory and you can then access it from your Gallery. Photo & Picture Resizer is easy to use and give quick results. Here is how to use this app to reduce JPG file size.

How to use Photo & Picture Resizer to Resize JPG

Step 1 – Download the app from Google Play Store in your device and install it later. Launch it afterwards.

Step 2 – When you open the app, you will be provided the information about this app. You can read it or simply skip it in order to start the process.

Step 3 – Now, choose the ‘Select photos’ option to upload the photo in the app for resizing. Or you can take photo at the moment for resizing it. For this, tap on ‘Take Photo’. You can also resize photos in batch. For this, you need to tap on one photo for long and then start selecting other photos that you wish to resize.

Step 4 – After choosing the desired picture and uploading it for resizing, you need to select the resize icon located at the top of the screen. The icon will be kind of four arrows pointing inwards at the same place.

Step 5 – As soon as you tap on it, the app will provide a pop-up from where you need to choose the dimensions to resize JPG. Just select the needed one and within a second, your image will get resized. If you don’t find your desired dimension, tap on ‘Show more’ to get more options.

Step 6 – After resizing, you will see a ‘Rename’ option below the phot. You can proceed for it if you wish and give a name to it for further recognition. You also get the option to replace the original photo with this new one. The last option i.e. ‘See in resized photos’ will take you to the screen where all your resized photos are saved. Now, you are done with the process. You can now open your Gallery and find the resized photos with this app’s folder.

Resize JPG - Android JPG Resizing App


So, we are about to end this resizing concept. We offered you 4 easy and simple ways through which you can resize JPG on different platforms. By the time, you must have chosen a preferred way to resize your JGP image. But if somehow you are unable to figure out what should you make use of, we would like to recommend you Wondershare Fotophire to use in order to resize JPG since it is the most reliable and stable way. On a plus, it would perform smoothly so you won’t have any complaints while working with it. Hope you like this article. Please share your thoughts with us by dropping a comment below. Thanks!

May 30,2018 15:01 pm