Cut & Crop Photos

All Methods to Crop Images

The present generation belongs to technology and it will not be wrong if you consider it as the generation of social media. Nowadays, people update their social media account with pictures when something happens to gain attention from others. You can share all the types of photos but if you don’t want your social group to see everything in the pictures or you want to highlight a particular area in your picture, you should then crop the images. These days, a number of photo cropping tools are there to enable you to crop the images before you post. Wondershare Fotoshire is one of them which can be used for cropping the images. It is available for Windows PC only. There are built in apps in Android also that can help you to crop pic.

Part 1. Crop Image on PC with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is one of the best photo manipulation software suites which allow editing, cutting and correcting the images. This all in-one-photo editing tool that enables you to make your pictures more charming as they have been edited by some professional photographers. Wondershare Fotophire software kit can be used by photo enthusiast, digital photographer, online shop owner, social media manager, webmaster or blogger. A full customization effect can be created in your pictures with the help of this tool.

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Key Features of Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

  • • Edit photos with more than 200 effects.
  • • Crop and cut photos to any size with one click.
  • • Erase unwanted objects from pictures with ease.
  • • Change the background of photos in easy steps.
  • • Add frames to your photos at will.

How to Crop Images with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Here is the brief guide about how to crop the image with the help of Fotophire. Below mentioned steps can be followed to crop image and set the desired background.

Step 1:

Download the software on your PC and install it. Open the Fotophire to get started. Now, from the pop-up window you have to select “Photo Cutter” option.

All Ways to Crop Images - Start Photo Cutter

Step 2:

Next step is to import the photos from your device’s storage. For this, you have to click on Open and select the photo, which you want to crop, from the source folder location.

All Ways to Crop Images - Add Image to Photo Cutter

Step 3:

Click on crop menu and choose the right proportion template from the list to crop the photos in the desired proportion.

All Ways to Crop Images - Start Cropping Image

Step 4:

Now drag the curser from over the area on the photo which you want to retain while the else portion will be cropped away. This is the simplest way to crop the images and get the customized photos.

All Ways to Crop Images - Finish Cropping Image

Part 2. Crop Picture on Mac with Preview

If you are using Mac then you can crop the pictures by using Preview. This tool is used by almost all the Mac users every day for editing and viewing images, viewing files and playing videos. It is a reliable tool for making your photos customized for uploading and sharing. You can slice out the desired portion from the photos and discard the unwanted part of the images.

How to Crop Picture on Mac with Preview in Detail

If you are using Preview on Mac, here is the detailed step by step procedure which is needed to be followed to get the cropped images.

Step 1:

Open the image in Preview that you want to crop.

All Ways to Crop Images - Open Image in Preview

Step 2:

From the tool bar, you have to click on the Selection-Rectangular selection. Now drag the mouse to select the portion of the image which you want to keep. The dotted line will show the selection.

All Ways to Crop Images - Select Area to Keep

Step 3:

Click on Tools and select Crop command.

All Ways to Crop Images - Click Crop

Step 4:

Now, save the changes to get the cropped imaged.

All Ways to Crop Images - Finish Cropping Image

Part 3. How to Crop Images on iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad users actively share the pictures on their social media accounts. They like to inform others about every happening with them so they keep on posting the pictures. To send the cropped image on the iPhone and iPad, you first need to find the photo which you want to crop by clicking on the Photos app on iPhone and iPad. On the bottom of the screen, there is an option to open the settings. Touch the icon to open the editing options. Tap on the crop icon to begin the cropping of the image. Crop manually, by dragging the crop controls on the image. Preset constraint shall be used to select the ratio to your photo. Finally, you have to tap on done after completing the crop work. It enables you to get the crop image.

All Ways to Crop Images - Crop Images on iPhone and iPad

Part 4. How to Crop Images on Android?

Android Smartphones and Tablets are common nowadays. Millions of people use Android devices for uploading and sharing photos with their friends and others. If you want to get the custom photos, then you can use its built-in Photos App to crop pictures. Image editing feature is available in the Gallery of the Android devices. You can use the built-in crop option to slice out the portion of the image which you want to view.

Open gallery and select the image which you want to crop. Now, touch the menu icon. If it is not viewed on your Smartphone’s screen then you can touch anywhere to let the options appear on the screen. From the list of menus, click on “Edit”. Choose Crop option. It will enable the crop control to appear on the edges of photos. Now, drag the crop controls inwards to slice out the portion of the image. You can move your fingers right or left or up or down to select the crop controls. Touch on done or OK or tick icon to save the changes.

All Ways to Crop Images - Crop Images on Android


Wondershare Fotophire is an amazing tool that is best for giving the customized touch to your images. You can add various effects to your photo, set different types of background and transform the appearance of your photos. It can be easily used by the professionals as well as the beginners to crop pic. Its interactive user interface and Wide Format Support enables the users to give the desired transformation effect to your images. The best thing about this software is that users can try free version before purchasing it. Hence, it allows you to get familiar with the functioning of this software.

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