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Top 10 Online Image Resizers 2022

Pictures play an important part in the age of digital information and a size of a picture file determines how fast that file can be forwarded, uploaded or sent. In the early years of digital images, we all depended on bulky photo editing software to resize our images, but today online image resizers enable us to change the size of a picture in just a few seconds.

Amazon sellers, bloggers and many other kinds of online entrepreneurs need powerful tools that allow them to resize images, and in this article, we will take you through some of the best online resizers you can find on the Internet.

Top 10 Online Image Resizers 2022

Some online tools for resizing images may lower the picture quality significantly while others may not offer support for batch resizing, so choose only the entries from this list you find the most helpful.

1. PicResize

This batch resize tool will allow you to change the size of several images at the same time, while it also allows you to resize a single image. You can upload your photos from a URL or your computer and the Add Multiple Files button will allow you to add as many photos as you want.

Furthermore, you can easily crop or rotate an image, while Resize Your Picture option allows you to select a preset image size or to insert the custom size via the Custom option. PicResize also offers several special effects that can be used to sharpen or blur images and even make them look more artistic. Images can be saved as JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP files. This image resizer will enable you to change the size of your photos effortlessly and it's certainly one of the most reliable options you can find online.

2. WebResizer

Visitors to this website can start resizing their images right away since they don't need to register or create an account in order to use the services of this online resizer. Upon your arrival to the homepage, you just need to click on the Resize Photos Here to start the process of resizing your photos. Unfortunately, this tool doesn't allow you to upload more than one photo at the time, which means that bulk resizing isn't supported by the WebResizer tool. 

Rotating, cropping or sharpening images is a relatively simple process, and users of this online tool can also adjust Tint, Exposure, Contrast or Saturation values. Apply Changes button will allow you to save all the changes you've made to the image, and the Start Over button can be used if you don't like the results.

3. Shrink Pictures

If you want to resize images as quickly as possible, then Shrink Pictures is the best online resizer you can choose. This online tool was created with the aim to enable people who don't know anything about photo editing to make their photos smaller. It literally takes five steps to resize a photo with Shrink Pictures tool, and in the process, you can also apply effects like Sepia or Grayscale to your photos.

Batch resizing isn't an option on this online resizer, so we recommend to use another tool if you have to resize a lot of photos. Furthermore, the options provided by the Shrink Photos tool don't really allow you to have full control the resizing process, which is the reason why it is best to use this online resizer if you just want to resize one picture very fast.

4. ResizeImage

Resizing more than one photo with this tool is not possible, but performing the basic resizing and cropping with ResizeImage isn't complicated at all. Furthermore, you can optimize an image, make the background transparent or rotate a photo with this online resizer.

However, even though at first glance ResizeImage seems like a decent tool for changing the size of images, its features a bit confusing and can hardly be labeled as easy to use. Users of this online resizer may also experience problems if the image file they want to resize is too large. Despite many shortcomings, this tool does offer all the essential options required to change the size of an image.

5. ResizeYourImage

The pleasant design of this web page resembles an interface of a true photo editor. Its features are neatly organized and uploading a photo only requires you to click on the Choose File button. ResizeYourImage allows you to upload jpeg, raw, tiff or png files, among many others, but the time it takes to upload a photo depends on the size of the file.

This tool is actually a crop tool since you can't really change the size of the photo in this online resizer without removing parts of the photo. ResizeYourImage is specialized for just one task and it doesn't offer much more than a quick way to change the size of a photo. Batch resizing isn't supported so if you need to resize more than just one photo with this online resizer this task may take a considerable amount of your time.

6. Resize 2 Mail

A remarkably simple online resizer that will enable you to resize your photo in just three simple steps. Upload a photo from your computer, select whether you want to use a landscape mode, portrait mode or to just rotate a photo and click Okay. Each of the modes offers different preset image sizes so users of Resize 2 Mail online resizer can choose the size that best fits their needs.

No other photo editing option is provided by this online tool, and people who'd like to crop or edit their photo further will simply have to use another online tool. Furthermore, resizing several photos at the same time isn't possible so if you have to change the size of more than a single photo you'll have to repeat the same process for each photo.


The amount of features provided by is staggering. Its users can resize a photo without losing picture quality, rotate images or customize the size of their images. In addition, white balance, saturation, contrast, and brightness can be fine-tuned to get a more visually attractive photo. Besides amazing resizing features, allows you to share your images anywhere on the Internet while you can also send resized images to your phone.

Uploading a photo from a computer to this online tool requires you to just click on the Choose File button, but if your image files are stored on the cloud you can use their URL to import them into this online resizer. Using the URL can also help you to quickly resize a large number of images with since batch resizing isn't supported.

8. Resize Pic Online

The modern and practical design of this webpage takes you through the image resizing process step by step. At the very top of the page the Upload Images bar lets you upload as many photos as you want, and as you scroll down the page you go through Select and Resize steps and at the very bottom, you can see your results.

The resize feature lets you set the exact pixel value for the width of your image, and quality slider can help you generate a picture that has a great quality. The File Type slider lets you choose between just two file types jpeg and png, but given the fact that the jpeg is the most commonly used file format for online photos, this can hardly be considered a disadvantage.

9. Resize.It

Users of this online resizer will have a choice between several different modes. The images can be resized in Portrait, Landscape or Crop modes while the Advanced Photo Tools mode can be used to perform basic photo editing actions once the resizing process is over. After you've selected the mode that best fits the photo you'd like to resize click on the Choose File button and then the preset size from a drop-down menu. If you want, you can also rotate your photo before clicking okay to apply the changes you've made to your photo.

Despite its many advantages, Resize.It doesn't provide the batch resize option, and for that reason resizing large amounts of photos with this online resizer may prove to be a challenging task.

10. Reshade

Reshade isn't an online tool since its users must download it first in order to be able to use it. This software is a powerful tool designed to enable entrepreneurs to resize large amounts of photos effortlessly. The abundance of preset sizes makes it a perfect choice for companies that demand precision, while a large number of supported image file format provides much-needed flexibility.

The Reshade's interface is easy to use so even if you have no previous experience with resizing images you'll have very little trouble finding the settings you need to change the size of a photo. This tool will allow you to have complete control over the process of resizing an image which is the reason why it can be considered one of the best image resizers of 2022.

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Let us know which method of resizing images you find the most effective in the comments and feel free to share your opinion with us about the online resizers featured on this list. Hit share and let your friends know which are the best tools for resizing images online in 2022. 

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