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Simple Guide to Google+ Image Sizes

Although Google+ does not stay on the top of the priority list still many companies prefer to use this platform to improve their online presence. Actually, the biggest benefit of using Google+ for marketing needs is that its reports are automatically connected to search engine results. If someone initiates a search for your brand name on Google, the search engine automatically pulls the complete information from your Google+ account including details about recent posts and profile picture as well. However, in order to present the best information to your audience, it is important to use proper size of images on Google+ so that they appear good to the eyes of the viewer. In this article, you will find some information about how to adjust the size of various images on Google+ platform.

Part 1: Google+ Cover Image Size:

The image that appears in a larger size on the top of your Google+ account is called cover. It follows 16:9 aspect ratio that is same as that of HD video standard. When you work on desktop computers, the cover image is displayed on the right side and the left side possesses a semi-transparent overlay. Note that Google+ follows a responsive layout system to adjust images on different devices having variable screen sizes so the actual image size keeps on varying. The recommended size is 1080x608 pixels. However, you can go for as large as up to 2120x1192 pixels and can also pick a smaller image with a minimum size of 480x270 pixels.

Google+ use heavy compression algorithms on JPEG images so it may decay the image quality so experts recommend using PNG-24 images to get the suitable results. Because these images used to have much higher pixel range and even after compression, it gets reduced up to JPG rating that is fine in most of the cases.

Part 2: Google+ Profile Picture Size:

The profile pictures serve as your online identity on Google+ network. Although, the image is loaded with square dimensions on this platform but it appears in a circular shape on the account and to the viewers. Thus it is important to be careful about your image selection; you have to be sure that the image will display in this circle without losing its important part behind the shaded area.

The preferred minimum size for profile image on Google+ is 250x250 pixels but professionals recommend choosing a larger image for better appearance. Note that it can accept maximum file size of 100MB for the profile pictures. However, the maximum dimensions of the profile picture are not actually listed anywhere in standard terms, most professionals allow extending it up to 5200x5300 pixels. You can choose PNG and JPG image to ensure the best quality and the great news is that it accepts GIF images as well.

Part 3: Google+ Shared Image Size:

Same as many other social media platforms, it is also possible to share images on Google+ so that people can view your interests. This platform also allows users to indicate specific circles for whom the image is more relevant. Hence, it can help marketing professionals to target their audience in a customized way and will naturally boost engagement online. However, in order to make sure that your message reaches to the public in form of a clean and impressive image, it is important to make sure that you have uploaded an image with right dimensions. Never forget that these shared images are a major source of attracting traffic towards your business so try to be more specific about size guidelines so that important part of the image stays visible to all viewers.

This image appears on home stream as well as on the page with a width of around 426 pixels; users can scale the height as per need. The best recommendation for minimum image width is 497 pixels that ensure better clarity on posts. However, if we look on the higher side of the dimensions, Google+ allows users to upload shared images up to 2,048 x 2,048-pixel dimension. Also, the shared link thumbnail need the dimension of 150x150 pixels.

Part 4: Google+ Shared Link Size:

The shared link feature allows users to choose their circles for shared images still there are many creative options that users can access to make their posts more valuable. Generally, marketers share their images with some captivating descriptions to attract traffic to their business but with the shared link feature, it is possible to link the post directly to the business website. With this feature, you can simply pull an image from your business website and post it on Google+ as a post. It means viewers will get a direct link to move to your page via these shared link posts. It is the best way to improve traffic on the website. The recommended size for shared link images is 150x150 pixels.

Link Thumbnail:

The full width of the thumbnail is observed to be 426x255 pixels and the jagged edge overlay gets automatically attached to the thumbnail and users cannot remove it. Note that, not all the links posted by used include such full-width dimension. While posting an image as a thumbnail, you will have to make a selection from the list of requirements. The criterion is that the photo must meet maximum height and width requirements that are specified to be 303px and 506px respectively. If you are not able to meet this requirement, the 120 x 120 px range can also serve well. In case if your post does not contain any image, the link box will simply highlight the text. However, there is no clear idea about how Google makes a selection for the initial thumbnail image but in most of the posts, you will find an option to scroll down through other thumbnail options that can suit to your link.

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