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Simple Guide to Facebook Event Photo Size & Dimensions

If you want to boost connectivity with your friends and fans online, the best idea is to create a Facebook Event. It is quite simple to do, simply create an event from your Facebook account, send invites and let the conversion begin. But in order to create a memorable event, the best idea is to use creative event photo to impress everyone. A boring or incorrect Facebook event photo size cannot lead the real noise on social media. So it is good to make some efforts to adjust the image dimensions appropriately. The guide below can help you to achieve your dream.

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Part 1: How to Add a Facebook Event Photo?

You need not worry about the process, it is quite simple. All that you need to ensure is that the page looks attractive and eye-catching. As soon as you are ready with the event details, you can upload images via two common options available on Facebook:

Select your theme:

Facebook has a wide set of creative themes related to holidays, birthdays, parties and many more; you can easily select any desired theme out of this collection to use as an event image.

Upload a photo:

Users can also upload their personal images online but in this case, you have to make efforts to select the size of the image so that it can fit perfectly to your event dimensions. However, this option is more suitable to create a unique impression of your event.

Part 2: Correct Size & Dimensions for Facebook Event Photo:

Choosing the right size for the Facebook event photo along with standard dimensions will help you to achieve top quality without losing crispness of the image. While making a selection for the event photo size, you have to care about its appearance on different locations. If you are creating a Facebook event for the very first time, it is high time to know that the event image will appear at these three locations:

  • Upcoming Events: In this section, event image is displayed like a thumbnail and it can be seen in the upcoming event list of Facebook profiles. Make sure that this image looks perfect on a full scale so that your event can be easily recognized by users.
  • Event Page: The Facebook event image also appears on the event page and the required dimension for this location is 470x174 pixels. Note that this page is the main source of information for your event so your image must look fine in this section.
  • Newsfeed: The Even image appears in Newsfeed display and here it takes same dimensions as that of the actual Facebook event page. The desktop newsfeed generally takes a dimension of 470x174 pixels whereas mobile newsfeed displays follow 560x208 pixels range.

By visualizing size needs of all these sections, the most appropriate size for Facebook Event Photo is determined as 1920x1080 pixels with 16:9 ratio. If you have images wider than this, they will be cropped from sides and the taller images will be automatically cropped from top and bottom; so it is good to choose the right size for uploads. However, the minimum dimension for event image is 470x174 pixels. If you choose these standard dimensions for your event image, it will naturally attract more people online by spreading a positive message around. 

Part 3: Tips for Making Facebook Event Photo:

1. Use Relevant Images:

If you are hosting an event for your business and wish to send invites to make it a grand event, make sure that you have selected relevant image. The confusing and blurry images can create a bad impression about your business. Your selected image must spread the right message about the event and it must be clear with the first impression. For example, if you are hosting a cooking competition then you have to post an image of cooks and judge panel instead of just posting an image of food, as it may lead a message that you are going to provide food to taste. Selection of right image will help you to avoid too many questions from the audience.

2. Use Photo Editing Tool:

Before posting your event photo online, make sure that it suits your profession. In case if you find some need for improvements, it is good to move to a trusted photo editing tool. One of the most trustworthy platforms for event image editing needs is Wondershare Fotophire. This tool is currently available for Window systems and you can start exploring its features instantly with a free trial. This photo editing software is loaded with 200 plus editing effects that can enhance the appearance of your images. You can also replace image backgrounds with ease using photo cutter tool and the photo eraser will help you to get rid of unwanted elements from your image. Further, the editing experience can be enhanced with few extensions such as Photo Maximizer and Photo Focus. Wondershare is a trusted software developer company and you can expect best out of this tool. It is definitely good to give it a try, it will make your upcoming event a grand success.

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