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Inpaint Review and Alternatives in 2022

Inpaint is a software that’s designed specifically to remove unwanted objects from photos. There are many complicated photo editing software out there. Inpaint isn’t one of them. If you’re a casual photographer, a newbie or a busy pro who doesn’t always have the time to whip out big guns like Photoshop to edit photos, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and speed of Inpaint.

Inpaint is available for Windows and Macs. There’s also a free web version known as WebInpaint that’s just as effective and doesn’t require installation to use. For people who want to process multiple photos at once, there’s also a separate software known as batch Inpaint.

The best thing about Inpaint is that there seems to be no limit to the kind of objects you can remove from your photos. For instance, Inpaint is great at correcting skin and eye blemishes. It’s also great for removing time stamps, logos and even watermarks from pics. Inpaint’s intelligent marker tool makes it super easy to remove unwanted objects. And if you have damaged old picture, Inpaint can help you restore them to perfection.

Most reviews are very impressed with how well Inpaint handles content aware photo fills. In our review, we’ll explore the features and strengths of this software and also look at areas where Inpaint may not be your best option.

Part 1: How to Erase Objects In Inpaint

Erasing objects in Inpaint is easy as pie. Here’s how it works:

  • Launch Inpaint on your Windows or Mac systems, and import the photo you’d like to correct.
  • Locate the red marker tool and use it to mark the object you’d like to remove.
  • Use the Guidelines tool to select the filler area. The marked area tells Inpaint where it should select filler pixels. Most reviewers achieved better results by using this tool. Also note that you can choose a wide or narrow area depending on your photo.
  • Click the Inpaint arrow button and watch Inpaint remove the unwanted object.

Note: If you’re working with Batch Inpaint, the process of removing unwanted objects is just as simple too. For batch processing, be sure that all your photos have the same or a similar unwanted object in roughly the same position.

Pricing Of Inpaint

Inpaint is pretty affordable. For a one-time price of $19.99, Windows and Mac users can install Inpaint with access to lifetime updates. Batch Inpaint also goes for the same price and is available for both Windows and Macs.

Part 2: Pros and Cons of Using Inpaint


  • Inpaint is easy to use.
  • It’s also very fast. Most reviewers don’t experience hanging or lagging while Inpaint works its magic.
  • It’s very effective at removing large and small unwanted objects
  • For a one-time price of $19.99, users get access to full features and lifetime updates.
  • It has a separate software for batch process


  • Inpaint does not perform as well with pictures that have complex backgrounds or multiple colors.
  • Because batch processing is not an inbuilt feature of the classic Inpaint software, the total cost of having Inpaint can be as high as $39.98.
  • Finally, Inpaint is a single-feature photo editor. This means that users who want additional features must find other photo editing software to pair with Inpaint.

Part 3: Alternatives To Inpaint

1. Fotophire for Windows

Wondershare Fotophire is a full-feature photo editing software that’s a great alternative to Inpaint for Windows. With Fotophire you can work well beyond the limits of Inpaint and still have a great software for removing unwanted object from your photos.

Download Win Version

The highlights of Wondershare Fotophire include:

  • Automatic restoration and reconstruction of backgrounds when an unwanted object is removed. There’s no need to micromanage the process by editing pixel-by-pixel
  • Comes with an inbuilt tutorial that shows how to get best results
  • A highly sensitive brush with a size adjustment range of 1 pixel to 250 pixels.
  • A handy clone stamp tool
  • The ability to completely remove or change the background of a picture
  • Over 200 photo filters, frames, and overlays
  • Blur and Vignette tool for creating artistic effects
  • Easy-to-use crop, rotate and flip tools
  • Precision color tuning for great color correction and color enhancement.

Why Fotophire Is a Great Alternative to Inpaint

  • Fotophire is a multi-feature photo editing software with great tools for removing unwanted objects, creating artistic effects and color tuning.
  • Fotophire is much faster than Inpaint at removing unwanted objects. This is because Fotophire analyzes the area around the unwanted object while it is being marked. Inpaint on the other hand, begins analyzing the background after the object has been marked and the erase button is clicked.
  • Fotophire is relatively cheaper than Inpaint. With just one-feature, Inpaint costs $19.99, and as mentioned above, the cost of Inpaint can be as high as $39.98 once you include the cost of Batch Inpaint. Fotophire, for its part, has a great limited time offer of $49.99. At a single flat rate, you get a multi-feature photo editing software with access to lifetime updates.

How To Remove Unwanted Objects in Fotophire

  • Launch Fotophire, select Photo Eraser and then import the photo.
  • Fotophire  Welcome Interface
  • Use the marker tool to select the unwanted object. In our case, we’re trying to get rid of a watermark. Also note that in most software, the marker for unwanted objects is red in color.
  • Fotophire cut out
  • Click ‘erase’ and the software will remove the marked

2. Snapheal for Mac

Snapheal for Mac is a great alternative for Mac users who want a good alternative to Inpaint. It’s almost as effective at removing unwanted objects though a few reviewers have observed that it’s simply not as fast as Inpaint.

Snapheal remove unwanted objects

Image source: Internet

Highlights of Snapheal include:

  • An effective proprietary object removal algorithm,
  • A retouch panel that includes masks and brushes for selective enhancement of pics
  • A clone stamp tool
  • The ability to work on high-resolution images
  • Inbuilt social sharing tools
  • A user-friendly interface

Why Snapheal is The Best Alternative To Inpaint For Mac Users

  • Has other tools for selective image enhancement
  • It’s more user-friendly
  • It’s compatible with newest versions of Mac OS.
  • Snapdeal is often available with sales deals and bundles that make it relatively cheaper than Inpaint.

How to Remove Unwanted Objects in Snapheal

  • Launch Snapheal and import the photo you want to edit
  • Using the brush tool, paint over the object(s) you want to remove. The size of the brush is fully adjustable. You can also refine your selection with the Eraser.
  • Click the ‘Erase’ Button and viola!

3. WebInpaint for Online Users

Many users prefer working with web apps and for them, Webinpaint is a great alternative to Inpaint. Though also in the Inpaint family, it does not require installation and can be used on any system regardless of its Operating system. However, you have to register to use WebInpaint.

Highlights of WebInpaint include:

  • Available free of charge
  • By all accounts, WebInpaint is just as effective as Inpaint
  • Can remove large and small unwanted objects
  • Very user-friendly

Why Webinpaint is the Best Online Alternative to Inpaint

  • It belongs to the Inpaint family and boasts many of the same features
  • Does not require download and installation
  • Same web app can be used on different Operating systems
  • Available free of charge with sign-up

How To Remove Unwanted Objects Using Webinpaint

WebInpaint remove unwanted objects Snapheal

Image source: Internet

  • Upload the photo to WebInpaint
  • Use the marker tool to highlight the unwanted object(s)
  • Tap the ‘run’ button and WebInpaint will remove the unwanted objects


There are many loyal fans of Inpaint out there. As most photo enthusiasts know however, it’s always good to have another photo editor to fall back on when you don’t like the results you’re getting from your favourite photo editing software.

If you’re looking for an alternative or a back-up option, you’ll find that Fotophire, Snapheal, and WebInpaint are just as good and in some ways, better than Inpaint.

Jul 06,2022 10:45 am