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2022 Canva Review

We encounter the work of graphic designers in so many different forms because every day we see hundreds, if not thousands of ads, magazine covers or logos. Unfortunately, not so many among us are eager to launch Adobe Illustrator and start producing vector images. The truth is, we no longer have to use complex programs for graphic design to create pictures because an online tool like Canva makes it easy to design imagery we want to use on our websites, social media accounts or even on a cover of a book.

Canva isn't just a simple online graphic design tool, it is an entire platform dedicated to the goal of uniting teams that can have more than 30 members on large projects. Let's explore what Canva has to offer to the graphic designer of all skill levels.

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A quick look at Canva

Graphic design is a broad term that includes a lot of different things, and this online design tool provides a way to complete most of the tasks a graphic designer might face with.

Pros: Canva will enable you to design marketing material, social media posts, books or even images you might need for your blogging activities for free, although the paid version of the tool is available if you want to use Canva professionally. The online design tool lets you add as many layers to your images as you want, thus enabling you to produce captivating pictures you can use for a wide variety of purposes. The sharing options are remarkable since you can share the images you designed via email or link and allow other team members to edit them. 

Cons: Don't expect to find too many photo editing options, even though the platform provides basic editing tools. There are no advanced graphic design tools which makes designing a logo or drawing new elements slightly complicated. In order to start using Canva, you must first set up an account, and if you opt to use the free version of this graphic design tool, some features will not be available to you until you update to the paid version.

Detailed Canva Review in 2022

1.Basic facts:

Individuals who have no intention of collaborating with large teams through Canva have very little reason to upgrade to Canva for Work pricing plan that costs $12,95 per month. The cost of Canva Enterprise option depends on a number of factors and if you opt to purchase it you must first get in touch with Canva's team.

Once you set up your Canva account, you'll be able to see your own Canva page, from which you can start new projects, open old unfinished projects or search for templates. The interface of the platform is modernly designed and straightforward, so in order to start designing you just have to select the type of document you want to create. Canva offers you several categories such as Social Media Posts, Ads or Events among others and it also recommends documents based on your previous searches and actions.

Upon selecting the template you want to use for your design, you'll be able to start designing your new picture. So for example, if you want to create a program for your company's upcoming events, you'll be able to choose from hundreds of different pre-designed fully customizable templates.

2.Advanced features:

The Elements feature has nine different categories such as Free Photos, Frames, Illustrations or Charts that contain thousands of different graphic elements you can use to enrich your pictures and make them more visually appealing.

Canva offers a huge library of free images, but some photos are available for $1. These images can be used as a background of your designs or even as an overlay element in a picture you are designing. The Filter option enables graphic designers to use preset filters that automatically adjust color values in a photo while the Intensity, Blur and Vignette slider must be adjusted manually. Cropping or flipping photos is also possible, while the Opacity slider can be used to blend overlaying images perfectly.

Regardless of which designing task you are facing, Canva will supply you with powerful tools that will enable you to produce modern and elegant images that will impress your Facebook friends or business clients.

3.Canva's Highlights:

No designing tool is complete without a rich collection of fonts, that enable you to express yourself in an aesthetically pleasing way. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this is the area in which Canva excels the most. The platform lets you use hundreds of beautifully designed fonts for free, while you can also upload your own fonts to your account if you upgrade to Canva for Work option. Specifically designed brand colors and logos designed in some other software can also be uploaded if you are using the paid version of this tool.

You can add as many text layers as you want to your designs, which means that you can choose the position, size, color or transparency of each word you add to your pictures. Furthermore, Canva lets you add an unlimited number of pages to your projects, so you can easily design leaflets or other two-sided documents using this online design tool.

The images produced with Canva can be downloaded or saved in PNG, JPEG or PDF file formats, but the platform only allows you to share your pictures on limited number of social media networks.


From time to time we all find ourselves in a situation in which we need to quickly add some text to a photo, combine two images or design a new cover photo for our company's Facebook page. Canva is a perfect choice in these situations because it provides all the tools to finish the job quickly and efficiently. Its features may not be as powerful as the ones offered by the professional software for graphic design, but they are easy to use so even someone who has almost no experience can use them.

Individuals or large teams in constant need of designed visual content can hardly go wrong if they decided to use Canva.

Jul 06,2022 11:05 am