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2018 Lightroom Classic CC Review

The first version of Adobe Lightroom was launched on January 29, 2007, and in little, over a decade the franchise has earned a reputation that places it at the very top of the photo editing world. Adobe's MAX conference held last October has brought a very interesting change because now we have two Lightrooms. Lightroom CC is now a light-weight version of Lightroom Classic CC, which is great news for all aspiring photographers who are not yet ready to utilize the full capacity of the professional edition of the software.

Let's dive into the extraordinary world of photo editing with Lightroom Classic CC and explore its magnificent capabilities.

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Pros & Cons

Pros: What impresses the most about this program is the attention to detail on every step of the post-production process. The software offers unparalleled photo organization features, while its Face Detection tool lets you add name tags to all of your portraits or any other photo that depicts people. The software's interface is also well-organized which makes it easy to navigate through.

Cons: If you don't consider yourself a seasoned photographer with tons of experience under your belt, then it will probably be a while before you start using every feature this software has to offer. On the other hand, professional photographers could benefit from a faster image Import process, and it remains to be seen if Adobe addresses this issue on future versions of this otherwise remarkable photo editing software.

The Complete Review of Adobe Classic CC

The Adobe Classic CC or unofficially the 7.0 version was first released on 18th of October, 2017, followed by an update on 11.December 2017 and in such a short period of time it has stirred up quite a few discussions whether or not this is the best version of Lightroom ever. Every piece of information we were able to gather, suggests that it is.

1. System Capability Requirement

Don't come to the job unprepared, is one of the golden rules of professional photography. The same is true if you want to install Adobe Classic CC on your Mac or PC because your OS has to be up to date. Mac users are going to need macOS X v.10.11 (El Capitan), v10.12 (Sierra) or the so-called High Sierra macOS v10.13, while the PC users must have at least the 64-bit Windows 7 installed on their computer or preferably some more recent 64-bit version of the Windows OS.

Both PC and Mac users will have to make sure that their computers have at least 4GB and ideally 8GB of RAM and 2GB of free hard disc space. The graphics processor acceleration requirements for PC computers include, but are not limited Intel's Skylake with DirectX 12 support. A Mac computer should have an NVIDIA macOS 10.12 with the Metal support graphic processor if you want the Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to run smoothly on your device. You can see the entire list of system requirements here.

2. Price and Plan Options

The Adobe Lightroom Classic CC will go down in history as the first version of Lightroom that isn't available with one-time purchase option. Instead, the users of the software must use a monthly Creative Cloud Photography subscription model, that costs $9,99 per month. This option also includes unlimited access to Adobe Photoshop and provides as much as 20GB of storage space.

Other options that include more space for storing your pictures online and the lighter version of Lightroom are also available, so it is best to choose the option that fits your needs the best. 

3. Interface & Workflow

Being a photographer means that you'll be taking a lot of pictures every day, and for that reason organization of such vast amounts of images plays a huge role. The Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is already famous for its superb Library that lets you organize your image archive in the most functional way.

The Adobe's photo editing software has several different modes which include the aforementioned Library, Develop, Map, or Slideshow modes, among others. The Import button gives you access to the pictures while they are still on an SD card, and the software also features an auto-detect importer that launches seconds after you connect your camera to a computer. The reason why professional photographers love using Lightroom Classic CC is that it offers comprehensive support for RAW image files.

4. Highlighted features

The list of photo editing tools and features, Lightroom Classic CC offers is quite long, so we are going to focus on the some of the latest additions to this list.

The Healing Brush tool

Healing brush is a photo editing tool, designed to help photographers remove any unwanted objects or elements from a photo and replace it with pixels from another part of that same picture. The Lightroom Classic CC's healing brush comes with the Visualize Spots option that shows you the negative of the photo and thus reveals spots you might have missed in the normal view.

Maps mode

This Lightroom Classic CC's mode can access the location data stored in a photo and show the exact location where the picture was taken. Street, landscape or even wildlife photographers can benefit from this feature because it sends the picture's GPS coordinates to Google to create a map of shooting locations although privacy may be an issue if you decide to use the Map mode. 

Panorama tool

Panoramic images often look impressive, so if you want, you can use the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to combine several pictures into a single panoramic shot. You can find this feature in the Photo Merge menu, and you can choose from Spherical, Perspective or Cylindrical options. Combining several photos together is not always an easy task, so you first need to make sure that the images you want to merge fit together.

 The Boundary Wrap option help you get better results by changing the geometry of the photo in order to fit parts of the picture into the final image. If you are not familiar with the process of creating panoramic images, you will experience a steep learning curve during the process of production of such an image with Lightroom Classic CC.

Lens Profile Corrections

This feature applies changes to your photos based on the lens and camera information. It basically enables you to remove any shortcomings your original camera setup has produced, and if you find the built-in features insufficient you can always download and install plug-ins that will broaden the scope of your options. You can find the list of lenses Lightroom Classic CC supports at the following link.

5. Performance

No amount of praise can do justice to this extremely powerful photo editor, but in order to enjoy it to the fullest, you'll have to equip yourself with an impressive computer hardware setup. The graphics processor is used for photo editing actions such as exposure adjustment or panning, so if you don't want to spend a lot of time waiting for the Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to complete these actions you'll have to get a graphics processor that matches the software's requirements.

Importing huge amounts of photo files into the program will take a lot of time, but as soon as a photo is transferred you can start working on it. Professional and aspiring photographers who opt to use the Lightroom Classic CC will gain access to one of the most powerful photo editors in 2018 and they will certainly get their money's worth. 

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