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PicMonkey - An in-depth 2022 Review

95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day and this number is much larger when we take into an account the whole world wide web. Aforementioned piece of information demonstrates how photography has become a part of daily lives of an enormous number of people. In such a world photo editing plays a vital role, since most photos need some kind of intervention before they can be presented to the public.

PicMonkey is one of the most popular editing and collage making websites today,  which makes it a perfect choice for inexperienced photographers and aspiring photo editors. So let's have a look at what this online tool for image editing has to offer.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

A quick look at PicMonkey

If you find yourself in need of a powerful and easy to use tool that will allow you to create social media posts quickly then you should consider using PicMonkey. Here are the things you should take into account before you make this online photo editor, your go-to option.

Pros: You really don't have to be a photo editing wizard in order to be able to produce magical pictures with this online tool. The PicMonkey's list of features you can use to edit your photos is quite long, which basically means that you can do almost anything you want with photos you'd like to edit. In addition to impressive photo editing options, PicMonkey also provides a solid amount of graphic design tools that can assist you during the process of making a banner for your website or producing a Facebook cover photo your friends are going to adore.

Cons: Those of you who were hoping that you can edit pictures of all sizes are going to get a little disappointed because PicMonkey has an image size limit. You can choose from three different options, but no option will allow you to upload images larger than 16MP and if you upload a photo that is larger than this the platform will automatically resize it to 4000X4000 pixels.

Although you can use this photo editor to edit photos or create collages for free, PicMonkey won't allow you to save, export or share the pictures you edited unless you set up an account, for which you must pay an annual or monthly fee.   

Detailed PicMonkey 2022 Review

Basic facts:

There are several pricing options available to people who opt to use PicMonkey on a constant basis. The Premium option can costs $7,99 per month or $5,99 per month, billed annually at $71,88. The fee for Superpremium pricing plan costs $107, 88 per year, but the amount of options you will unlock will leave you wondering if you were better off purchasing a desktop software like Fotophire for a considerably lower amount of money.

The PicMonkey's interface is well-organized, so even if you never used a photo editing software before you shouldn't have too much difficulty learning your way around this online photo editor. Basic photo editing features like Cropping or Rotating images are easily accessible from the editor's toolbar that provides options like Basic Edits, Effects or Frames, among others. PicMonkey lets you upload images from your computer, Facebook, OneDrive, Flickr or Dropbox. In addition, Premium account owners can store up to fifty images at the editor's Hub, while the Superpremium account owners have unlimited Hub storage.

An impressive collection of image templates is available to users who want to design images and this online editor also enables you to select the perfect size for your  Instagram story photos or Facebook cover photo.

Advanced Features:

Besides options commonly featured in all offline and online photo editors, PicMonkey also offers some near professional photo editing tools. Photography enthusiasts are going to enjoy using the Bokeh effect, despite the fact that Bokeh effects provided by a photo editing software such Fotophire are much more powerful. Each effect you apply to your photo in PicMonkey can be partially removed from the photo with the Paint feature that allows you to select the size of the brush you are going to use to remove the effect you applied on a photo. This option can be utilized if you want to apply the photo effect to a certain area, while the rest of the picture remains unaffected.

PicMonkey is well-equipped with tools that enable you to edit your selfies and all other portrait photos to perfection. Features like Blemish Fix, Wrinkle Remover, Lip Tint, Mascara or Weight Loss enable you to have complete creative control over how the skin, mouth, eyes or figures of people depicted in your photos are going to look like.

PicMonkey's Highlights:

Most online photo editors provide ways to create goofy photos, but at the same time they lack conventional photo editing tools that are commonly used to enhance photos. PicMonkey manages to find the right balance between themes that enable you to recreate the visual look of comic books on your photos and blur options that can be used to create the artistic feel on the pictures you edit.  Furthermore, the Focal B&W tool lets you decide which part of the photo you want to desaturate and which area of the picture should retain color.

This online photo editor offers thousands of overlays, which range from zig-zag lines to birds, butterflies, and flowers. Each of these overlays can assist you in creating photos that will attract a lot of attention on social media.


Photo editing is a creative process and every creative process should be fun, above anything else. PicMonkey delivers all the tools you need to enjoy yourself while you are editing the photos you want to share with the rest of the world.

Despite its many advantages, the PicMonkey photo editor is not perfectly suited for professional photographers or people who want to design images on a professional level, since photo editing software such as Fotophire or GIMP simply provide more options.  However, people who are just looking for an easy way to enhance their photos in 2022 will certainly have a great time exploring the possibilities provided by PicMonkey.


Special Note:Although Picmonkey provides some powerful photo editing tools, but it is still a photo editing tool. Here we want to recommend another helpful tool for you , that is Fotophire Slideshow Maker . It is a slideshow maker tool with dozens of unique templates and music. For example , some situation template like holiday, anniversary, kids, love, Birthday so on are included . Besides, it is supter easy to use, only by 3 simple steps :adding photos or videos to the program, select a wanted template, than that's it !

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