Text & Watermark on Photos

Helpful Methods to Add Watermark to Photos

If you are a photo lover and like to post your photos online on social media sites or anywhere then watermark photos is a great option to stop misuse of your photos. A watermark can be a symbol, word or anything in the top, left, bottom or in background of your images. Watermark photos are the best way to protect privacy of any photo. It is better to use small watermarks fro you photos because bigger size watermarks can reduce appearance of your photos. There are many methods available to add watermarks to the images for protection which we are going to tell you in this article.

Part 1. How to Add Watermark to Your Photos with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is a tool that you must have to edit the photos on your system and give a perfect shine to your photos. Wondershare Fotophire is a very cheap and perfect photo editing program which makes it possible to edit photos very easily due the easy to use interface of this program. Wondershare Fotophire program is a very cool less time consuming software to edit the photos and works very fast than any other photo editor program.

Key Features of Fotophire Editing Toolkit

  • • Photo cutter feature of this program allows you to cut the photos.
  • • Photo editor option can help you to watermark photos and do many more things such as crop, add text or special effects.
  • • More than 200 photo effects available in the program.
  • • Every tool is there with an easy to understand interface whatever you need to edit the photos.
  • • Supports background editing as well so you can change or remove the background from your photos.

Download Win Version

You can Get Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit for Mac Here.

How to Add Watermark to Photo with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 1: Start the Program and Choose Photo Editor

Firstly download and install the program on your system and then launch it. After you launch the program click the Photo Editor option from the interface.

Add Watermark to Photos - Start Program

Step 2: Add Image to Program Window

In the new editor windows click to the “Open” button and then select the picture which you want to watermark.

Add Watermark to Photos - Add Image to Program Window

Step 3: Add Watermark to Your Image

After selecting the photos from source head to the top right side and click the big “A” button. Now move cursor on the image and click anywhere. After clicking you will see a text box with content “Click to Edit”. Adjust the box size now and write content in this box.

Add Watermark to Photos - Add Watermark to Image

Step 4: Save Changes

Now save the photo and your text will be there in the top right side or anywhere you have written it.

Add Watermark to Photos - Save Changes

Part 2. How to Watermark Photos on Mac

Just like the windows OS there are couple of apps available for the Mac OS as well to watermark the photos with ease. PhotoBulk is the app which we are using here to show you how to watermark photos on Mac. This app is really cool and enables you to watermarks photos in a very easy way even you can watermark photos on Mac in bulk as well. PhotoBulk is a paid program so you can buy it for 9.99$ from the app store. You can also do many other things with this software after buying such as image resize, rename, format conversion, real time preview etc. The great part is that these all things can be done in bulk so there is no need go and edit every image one by one.

How to Add Watermark to Photo with PhotoBulk for Mac

Step 1: Add Image into Program

The first the most important thing is install the program and launch on your Mac. Now look at the bottom left and click on the “+” button to start adding photos. Add single photo or in bulk no issue.

Add Watermark to Photos - Add Image to Program

Step 2: Select the Type of Watermark You Want

Look at the left side and check on the box before “Watermark” option now. Now select which type of watermark you want to add to your images from the dropdown.

Add Watermark to Photos - Select Watermark Type

Step 3: Add Watermark to Image

For example we will add an image as watermark. So, from the dropdown select image and then browse watermark image from the system. Now it will be added on the image which you want to watermark. Adjust the size of watermark and move in the place where you want to add. Finally click on the “Start” button from the bottom right side.

Add Watermark to Photos - Add Watermark to Image

Step 4: Fininsh Adding Watermark to Image

Your watermark is added to the image. Below is the watermarked image.

Add Watermark to Photos - Finish Watermark Process

Part 3. How to Add Watermark to Photos on iPhone

PicsArt is a very popular iOS app among iOS devices users. This app is fully compatible with mostly all iOS versions and enables you to add special effects to the photos very easily. This app enables you to edit the images as well using the powerful image editing tools. PicsArt app is very powerful and allows you to make college photos, add stickers to your photos and watermarks with a nominal fee. This app is available for trail as well to test the app before buying.

How to Add Watermark to Photos on iPhone with the PicsArt App

Step 1: Choose Photo from Gallery

The very first step is, install the app and launch it. After launching tap on the photos and choose the photo from device gallery.

Note: You can also add photos from drive and dropbox.

Step 2: Choose Photo from Gallery

From the bottom right side click the “Add” button and then from the new toolbar click to the “Add Photo” icon to add photo as your watermark. Now select the watermark image from the photos library.

Step 3: Add Watermark to Your Image

Watermark image will now layered on the image you want to add watermark. Now move it anywhere you want to keep on photo and resize it. After setting up everything simply tap on the save sign from top right side of app interface.

Add Watermark to Photos - Use iPhone App to Watermark Image

Part 4. How to Watermark Photos on Android

Photo Watermark app is a free app available in the play store to use. This app supports ads in the free version so if you are not interested in watching these ads then you can buy premium version. This watermark photos app also supported editing of images. It enables you to make college photos, timestamp, decorate photos with cool watermarks, apply stickers to your photos etc for free of cost. You can also add text to the images, rotate, reverse, or change the transparency of the added watermarks as well. There is a tip provided by the developers that don’t delete the original photos because can’t undo the added watermarks.

How to Watermark Photos with Photo Watermark for Android

Step 1: Install App

Install this easy to use watermark app on Android first.

Step 2: Select Photo to Watermark

Select the photo on which you need watermarks and then add the text, photo or stickers as watermark.

Step 3: Save and Share Image

Adjust the opacity, place and size of your watermark then finally tap on the save button. Now you can share this watermark with your friends and family.

Add Watermark to Photos - Use Android App to Watermark Image


As you can see these all ways are available to watermark photos and can easily add watermark. Both iOS and Mac ways are paid so you have to pay for them and they are little costly. Android app you can use for free of cost but it supports ads. Whereas, if you are looking software for the windows then Wondershare Fotophire is the best one for you because it gives you enough things in a very small budget. If we talk about the quality then it can do the editing in the perfect output quality.

May 30,2018 14:53 pm