How to Clone Objects in Pictures

At times, we’ll want to clone the objects in the images to make the images more interesting. In this guide, we’re going to introduce how to clone objects in pictures with detailed steps.

Step 1. Add Objects from Your Computer

After starting Photo cutter on your computer, you can click the Open button to add the picture from your computer.

Clone Obejects in Picture - Add Photo

Step 2. Select Object to Clone

2.1 You can see main interface after adding the picture from your computer, and a panel at the right side of the program window. Now you can enter the Clone tab in the panel.

Clone Obejects in Picture - Enter Clone Tab

2.2 Now you can click the Target icon beside the Source to duplicate words. After that, you can select the object in the picture to clone.

Clone Obejects in Picture - Choose Target Icon

2.3 If you want to clone a larger or smaller area, you only need to drag the slider beside the Brush Size option to make the size matches your requirement.

Clone Obejects in Picture - Adjust Brush Size

2.4 The Edge Blur option enables you to make the edge of the cloned objects blurry.

Clone Obejects in Picture - Edge Blur

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