fotophire FAQ

Step by step introduction to using fotophire

Other Quesions
What’s the difference between the three modes in Fotophire?

In our Fotophire there are different photo editing modes, which implement different tools that help you to manipulate photo images.

Photo Editor is designed to enhance photo images by adding effects, filters, frames and text.

Photo Eraser removes pieces in one photo image or replaces area of the image with parts of the same image.

Photo Cutter provides all necessary tools to cutout an object out of an image and replaces the background behind it.

Which system it requires to install this software?

Fotophire just can be installed on the Win7 or above system so far, you can find all the spec information here

What can I do if fail to install Fotophire?

Computer's protection program deletes the download manager of this Fotophire.

Please exclude folder from the scanning route of computer's protection software where to save the download manager of this Photo editor and download to save the file again.

Can I open the three modes at the same time or just one?

Yes, you can open all of them at the same time, as they are designed with independent architecture.