Most Helpful Instagram Photo Editors in 2022

People using Instagram either for the purpose of business conduction or advertisement through high-quality images creates a path towards fame. Images are a great way to express and denote a status of the purpose for which they are posted, especially for all Instagram located throughout the world. The Instagram photo editors present provide and serve as an additional helping hand for image modification other than the work done by the in-built filtering options. The edits vary according to the taste of the users and the image type and this is rightly served by the appropriate use of the filters.

Part 1. Most Helpful Instagram Photo Editor Software in 2022

There are a lot of filters available in Instagram for customizing the images before posting on Instagram. These can often be used to add a bit extra to the related contents of the images or to beautify them. The editors help in separating the images from the rest of the crowd to give them an eye-catchy appeal and make it noticeable. There are a lot of photo editors located globally and also all over the web but to choose the right one is tricky at times. This is the main reason a simplified list is prepared below to get hold on to the right option.

Helpful Instagram Photo Editor Software for Windows Users

1. Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Price: $49.99(1 Year Subscription);$79.99(Lifetime License)


The Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is free trial to use for the users and is rated as one of the best among all the available options for the software throughout the world. There are separate tools that allow users to edit, erase, and cut photos that can be desirably put on to Instagram channels as the best to attract and appeal to all the viewers. The eye-catching effects allow personalized appeal to be shown on the images as desired.

5 Key Features of Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Multiple editing tools available for photo editing.
  • Separate photo cutter available to ease the actions.
  • Removal of background is an easy process.
  • Option to remove all unwanted parts of a photo.
  • Over two-hundred effects available for the images.
Instagram Photo Editor - Fotophire Editing Toolkit

2. Adobe Lightroom CC

Price: $9.99 per month


All photos can be kept in a single place with the help of Adobe Lightroom in the most organized manner for easier sharing after editing. Tackiling the hard way of management for images can be smoothly executed by Adobe Lightroom through advanced enhancements provided to the users and the raw files.

  • The raw image processing in Adobe Lightroom CC is powerful.
  • Original files are not edited.
  • Presets are brilliantly portrayed for easier understanding.
  • Even though it shows efficiency for the file handling, but has met negative reviews.
  • Advanced manipulations on images cannot be performed.
  • The management of file is not user-friendly.
Instagram Photo Editor - Adobe Lightroom CC

3. Luminar 2018

Price: $69.00


Luminar 2018 is a cost-effective alternative to Adobe Lightroom that is recently launched with advanced features. With the help of this Instagram photo maker, images can be quickly fixed with its inbuilt automation towards chromatic aberration, lens distortions, and fringe removals. There are forty non-destructive filter enhancements for the shots taken.

  • Nice workspace.
  • Each are has options for picking brushes as per choice.
  • Advanced options for exporting the files.
  • Inefficient customer service.
  • The batch editing requires fixes.
  • Management of metadata is not an option.
Instagram Photo Editor - Luminar 2018

4. Affinity Photo

Price: $49.99


There is a lot of amazing features included in the latest launch for Affinity Photo. Some of them are recording macros, image edit in a 360 degree mode, batch processors, tonner, and mapping for all kinds of images ranging from HDR quality to JPG.

  • Preset tailoring according to preference is an option.
  • The user interface is advanced and easy to manage.
  • Compatible with most file formats.
  • Lack of tools for organizing the photos.
  • Saving photos to online galleries is not an option.
  • Uploading images to email and social platforms is not an option.
Instagram Photo Editor - Affinity Photo

5. PaintShop Pro

Price: $79.99


This is one of the alternatives to Photoshop and is less pricey also since the last twenty years. The simplicity level of the software in the recent year is promising and fast. The ready templates projected by the software have an in-built functionality of capturing screens and auto filling gradients for improved graphics.

  • Wide variety of tools available.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Learning how to edit is a brilliant inclusion in the software.
  • Supported in only Windows OS.
  • The startup speed is relatively slow.
  • No updates available till date.
Instagram Photo Editor - Luminar 2018

Helpful Instagram Photo Editor Software for Mac Users

1. Pixelmator

Price: $29.99


The software Pixelmator can be used on only Mac OS in order to get powerful images in a fast manner. The Instagram wallpaper creator allows image editing and also serves as aInstagram clipart creator to seamlessly integrate all the effects for an image to make it visible appealing to the viewers. The software contains export tools for the images to be shared on social platforms.

  • Export option for images is available.
  • Professional and easy to use interface.
  • Saves all the edits automatically.
  • Limited to Mac OS.
  • Does not include certain fonts.
  • GIFs are not supported.
Instagram Photo Editor - Pixelmator

2. Fotor Photo Editor

Price: Free


Fotor is free and powerful photo editor software that allows you to edit the photos on Mac operating system. This is a cross platform program so you can get it for the Mac, windows, iPhone and Android mobile devices as well. There are so many filters and effects provided in the software to beautify your photos. You can easily edit any part of the photos.

  • Process the photo editing in batch instead of one by one .
  • You can reshape the photos, remove red eye or clone any part of the picture.
  • More than 80 templates to help you in making collage.
  • There are not many options available for editing the images as compared to the professional programs.
  • You many face issue in finding the options while using first time.
  • In the new version people face issues in exporting the photos.
Instagram Photo Editor - Fotor Photo Editor


Price: Free


GIMP is a free and cross platform packed with all professional photo editing features. This is an open source software where is no limitation in using the program options. There are some automatic tools available in the software which quickly enhances the photos with a single click.

  • Supports quick edit of photos.
  • All basic features available.
  • The great part is that this is open source so there is no limitation in using the software.
  • Not good for the new users due to the interface.
  • Lack of premade features.
Instagram Photo Editor - GIMP

4. Snapheal - Fix your photos

Price: $8.99


Snapheal is a development from the Macphun Company and available there in the Mac app store without any charge to try. After expiring the trial version you have to buy the premium version of program to use it continuously. This program is mainly good in removing the unwanted objects from the pictures.

  • You can remove unwanted things from photos such as scratch, watermarks etc.
  • You can crop, adjust colors of photos with ease.
  • Restore the quality of scanned pictures.
  • Lack of automatic tools for editing the photos.
  • No option to save the photos in the online galleries.
  • Doesn’t provide the good result when you remove the background of photos.
Instagram Photo Editor - Snapheal - Fix your photos

5. Preview

Price: Free

URL: inbuilt

Preview app is one of the most popular basic photos editing app. Preview is basically a photo viewing app but if you need to do some basic editing in your pictures then you can use this app. This is inbuilt available in all Mac devices so there is no need to do any further installation for using the app. You just need to search the app in the search bar there you can find it.

  • Supports jpg, bmp and PNG file formats.
  • Inbuilt app available without any charge.
  • Works without any additional installation.
  • Allows you to adjust the basic things of your photos only.
  • Supports less file formats.
Instagram Photo Editor - Preview

Part 2. How to Use Instagram Photo Editor to Perfect Your Photos

The Fotophire Editing Toolkit program is super easy to use software but currently available only for the windows users. There are mostly all types of editing options available whatever you are looking for making your Instagram images impressive and beautiful. You can customize any image as per your need to post on the Instagram profile. There are effects, filters and many options available in the software.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.
5 Key Features of Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Easy to use software allows you to edit the photos right away even if you are a new user.
  • Very easy welcome screen that helps you to choose from photo cutter, photo editor or photo eraser.
  • Adjustment of photos color, brightness and many more easy options helps you to make the beautiful Instagram posts.
  • Photo cutter allows you to change the photos background with one click only.
  • Use your own customized background with the photos.

Guide to Create a Instagram banner with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Writing cool text with your Instagram images is a very nice way to tell people about the photo. You can do all edits with this software but for the testing we are using a simple effects applying option of the program.

Step 1: Firstly run the program and click on the “Photo Editor” from the main screen. After clicking on the photo editor you will see a screen for browsing photos so now click on “Open” button or drag & drop pictures in the program interface.

Instagram Photo Editor- Open the Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 2: After loading the pictures on photo editor window, click on the “Effects” icon which is the first at the right side pane of software. Over 200 effects are available here now to apply on the photos click on anyone and the effect will be applied.

Instagram Photo Editor- Click the Effects Option

Step 3: Once the effect is applied on your pictures simply press “CTRL+S” button save picture on your system hard drive. Now you can use this image as your Instagram post or profile picture.

Instagram Photo Editor- Save the Finished Photos


The best according to the list of recommendations for the photo editing tools present is the Wondershare Fotophire Toolkit due to its varied nature and options that is provided to all the users. The Fotophire editing toolkit software that is in market today has surpassed most of its competitors at almost all the levels through producing its capabilities, productivity, and ready to use interface.

Jul 05,2022 18:01 pm