Most Helpful Instagram Filter Apps in 2022

Instagram has seen a huge lift in recent years and is giving a good competition to other apps like Facebook, etc. Thus the photos created by a user for his or her Instagram profile must be extraordinary and outstanding. The app has its own filters for editing but third party apps like VSCO, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Snapseed provide a power pact result. The tools associated with third party offers precise editing of photos and videos. This guide have collected some helpful Instagram filter apps for your choice .

Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Filter Apps in 2022

There are a lot of options to choose from the varied range of filtering applications available for Instagram photos and images. The choice can be made with perfection by reviewing all the applications listed below both for IOS and Android user. Given below is a list of the best filter apps for Instagram that will help an individual to improve the quality of his or her photography using iPhone. Individuals can choose a particular app that suits their requirements.

5 Instagram photo editor apps for IOS users

1. Snapseed

Price: Free


Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad. This app is a product from Google with a very easy to use interface and mostly all basic tools available to edit your photos. There are more than 29 tools and filters available to edit your images right away on the iOS devices. Snapseed is compatible in opening the RAW and jpg format files for editing. It allows you to adjust the color of photos manually or automatically with just one tap in the app.

Instagram Filter Apps - Snapseed


Price: Free/ Varies


One of the leading apps for IOS is VSCO due to its unlimited filters and complete photo editing through scaling capabilities. After filtering, the VSCO app allows further editing in terms of contrast, sharpness, brightness, and balancing the color. Images can be saved on the gallery of the app and shared on social media.

Instagram Filter Apps - VSCO

3. RAW Power

Price: $14.99


RAW Power is another toper among the top five apps for IPhone. In spite of being new in the world of technology, it is the choice of the professionals. It has the power to create high resolution imagery and editing of the same. RAW camera format accommodation is possible while live shooting of the images to produce a brilliant outcome.

Instagram Filter Apps - RAW Power

4. Hyperspektiv

Price: $1.99


Hyperspektiv is a very powerful photo and video effects app. This app can help you in editing the videos and photos both and supports major formats of the videos and photos. It enables you to beautify your videos and photos super cool and make then look impressive for your Instagram followers. It allows you to click the photos from the app interface directly.

Instagram Filter Apps - Hyperspektiv

5. EnlightPhotofox

Price: Free/ Varies


This falls under the category of smart photo editors and is also free of cost. Image superimposition can be efficiently done using the EnlightPhotofox photo editor. This app can be used to create an IOS art on the IPhone. It has the capability to change the image in such a way so that it completely differs from the original raw file by adjustments made to the blends, transparent nature, perspective change, and image overlaying.

Instagram Filter Apps - EnlightPhotofox

5 Instagram photo editor apps for Android users

Some of the Helpful Instagram Editor apps for Android Users are listed below:

1. Aviary

Price: $9.99


The features included in Aviary is immense and people rely on the editor for a long time now. One-touch enhancement is the key driver of the app along with the manual adjustments for color, temperature, brightness, saturation, and contrast. The application supports various stickers, cosmetics, and filter options.

Instagram Filter Apps - Aviary

2. AirBrush

Price: $2.99


The best app for selfies is AirBrush. It’s quick fixing capabilities, along with editing power makes it a top contender of choice among many other apps. The app suits skin toning, removal of marks, whitening, and brightening on a single click through the application of multiple filters. The tools are one-touch operative and the app is very easy to use for the beginners. The cost is less compared to the others in the market.

Instagram Filter Apps -AirBrush

3. Bonfire Photo Editor

Price: $9.99


Bonfire Photo Editor is having a continuous rise in demand in today’s era. The app is mostly used by the beginners as it has the basic tools and components that aids in better editing and filtering. HDR and black and white are the usual components of filters that the app supports and the photos can even be turned in the form of water colors.

Instagram Filter Apps -  Bonfire Photo Editor

4. Cupslice

Price: Free


Filter is the key that acts as the base of Cupslice photo editor app. There are multiple stickers for use which are of the latest trends. The customization of the available filter is also among the options. The basic tools include cropping of images, adjustment of colors, saturation, hue settings, and other settings including brightness and contrast. One can make a photo collage using the application. The simplicity level of the app has increased its demand. The app is free to be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Instagram Filter Apps -  Cupslice

5. Fotor

Price: Free/ Varies


Fotor supports and enables realistic photo editing and has the enhancing ability for the photos on a single tap that adds on to the level of convenience at the fullest. The basic tools include exposure, cropping, highlighting, shadowing, tinting, vignette, and color adjustments. There are a lot of filters to choose from for the users.

Instagram Filter Apps - Fotor

Part 2. A Better Solution to Add Filters on Photos for Instagram

The Fotophire Editing Toolkit is very nice software for the windows users to enhance the Instagram photos with just few clicks of your mouse. You can customize the photos as per your choice with the help of effects, filters etc. There is option available which allows you to adjust the color, brightness, hue, saturation and many more things of your photos. The easy to use program interface helps everyone to use it without any issue.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.
5 Key Features of Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Fotophire Editing Toolkit offers you all features for editing your images.
  • Multiple types of cropping allow you to easily crop the photos according to your Instagram profile need.
  • Photo cutter of the software helps you in removing the photos background with ease.
  • You can also replace the pictures backgrounds with few clicks even when you are not a professional photographer.
  • Over 200 cool effects to use with the Instagram photos.

Creating a Instagram banner with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 1: Firstly open the Fotophire Editing Toolkit software and click on the option “Photo Editor” on the welcome screen of software. Choose the picture on which you want to apply filters.

Instagram Filter Apps- Open the Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 2: When the picture is loaded in the program interface, click on the “Filters” option at the right side pane which is the first option there. There are over 200 effects available in this window you can apply any effect on your picture.

Instagram Filter Apps- Click the Filter Option

Step 3: After applying effects on the images simply save it to your computer and use it as the Instagram profile picture or timeline.

Instagram Filter Apps- Save the Finished Photos


The Fotophire Editing Toolkit software among all the above mentioned filtering apps for images to be put on Instagram is one of the best and recommended choices of most of the world’s population using the editors and filters to make enhancements for the photos.With the advancement in the field of technology, the Fotophire Editing Toolkit software has emerged to fulfill all the desires as per requirement of many users and editors and is considered as the best choice of application and software throughout the globe.

Jul 06,2022 11:09 am