Most Helpful Instagram Collage Makers in 2022

Today on the Instagram there is one of the biggest trend is making collage and posting it on the Instagram. Collage making is usually joining two photos together but due to the wide variety of software and apps people started editing collage before posting on Instagram. Even Instagram is also offering option to add up to 10 photos in a collage together and then share on Instagram. Due to this feature people have started posting multiple photos together but there are hundreds or other apps and software available that allow you to make collage instantly on your Mac, windows Android and iOS devices. So today we will share you some helpful Instagram collage maker.

Part 1. 10 Most Helpful Instagram Collage Maker Programs for Desktop Users

5 Helpful Instagram Collage Maker Programs for Windows Users

1. Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Price: $49.99 (1 Year Subscription);$79.99(Lifetime License)


Fotophire Editing Toolkit is a professional photo editor program that can easily edit the college for your and make your college very impressive. If you are facing lack of the effects, borders, frame or backgrounds in your photo collage then this program can help you a lot. There are all options provided by the developers to edit the photos on windows systems. You can do change necessary changes in the background and foreground of the pictures with easy using this software.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.
  • It supports images editing with ease so you can use it even you are not professional photo editor.
  • It enables you to remove or change the background of photos very easily.
  • You can adjust brightness, saturation, vignette, hue, creative blur, color balance, Hue, temperature and many more things with this easy software.
  • No option to crop images in rounded shapes.
  • Trial version is limited to 15 days.
  • There is no Mac version available for Mac users.
  • Instagram Collage Maker -Fotophire Editing Toolkit

    2. Picture Collage Maker for PC

    Price: 39.99$


    Picture Collage Maker for PC is photo editor software presented by Fotojet for you to edit and enhance the images on your Mac and windows systems. This photo collage maker helps everyone from novice to professional photographers. This program enables everyone to make collage using the trial and paid versions. In this program you can add pictures for making collage or editing just by drag & drop them in the program interface.

    • Simple easy to use interface allows everyone to make collage.
    • Supports Mac OS as well.
    • You can take a new page and work on that to customize the collage manually with cool effects.
    • Issues while working with editing images backgrounds.
    • You can’t uninstall the program correctly once installed.
    • Working speed of the software is very slow.
    Instagram Collage Maker - Picture Collage Maker for PC

    3. Picture Collage Maker

    Price: 29.90$


    Picture College Maker is another Instagram collage maker program for you that allow you to make collage for your Instagram posts with several options. Picture collage maker offers you various quality tools that allow you to edit the simple ordinary photos and make them special one. With the few clicks of your mouse it enables you to create posters, invitations, greeting cards and calendars. You can find some basic photo editing features as well in the software.

    • This program is very easy and offers you wide range of options for editing the images.
    • Compatible for Mac as well.
    • Unlike the Photoshop you don’t need to be a master of photography.
    • It take some time to get familiarize with all options of the software.
    • Trial version is limited to 15 days with very big size watermarks.
    • No option to fade the background.
    Instagram Collage Maker - Picture Collage Maker

    4. Photo Collage Maker

    Price: 49$


    Photo Collage Maker Pro software is a windows program that allows you to make collage on the windows instead of mobile. This is very powerful tool for printing and designing awesome scrapbooks and collages with ease. You can use this software as a trial but later you have to buy it. This software offers you more than 350 gorgeous templates for the photo collage and quickly adds your multiple photos in the boxes of your choice. You can easily drag & drop the photos in the boxes to adjust set the photos place.

    • You can add cute clipart, text, and original masks to the photos.
    • There are various shapes and filters available in the software.
    • There are so many stylish templates and themes available in the software.
    • You can only use the program trial version for the 10 days.
    • Due to the hard interface of this Instagram grid maker you can’t find the photo fix tools without efforts.
    • For the text editing there is bold & italic buttons are not available in Instagram grid maker.
    Instagram Collage Maker -Photo Collage Maker

    5. Collage Maker

    Price: 28.95$


    Collage Maker as the name of this Instagram picture collage maker says about the functionality of this software. it allows you to make stunning collages without much efforts on the windows computers. This program can also be used as a Instagram grid maker to make different types of grids for the Instagram posts. There is an auto collage theme available in the software which quickly allows you to make the collage without doing much effort in editing.

    • Auto Collage Maker for quick collage making.
    • Do decent job for you.
    • Easy understandable interface program.
    • Limited choice of templates.
    • Price is slightly high.
    • While setting the templates it crashes so many times.
    Instagram Collage Maker -Collage Maker

    5 helpful Instagram collage maker programs for Mac

    1. Pic Collage for Mac

    Price: 14.99$


    Pic Collage for Mac is a Mac program for making collages on the Mac systems. This program enables you to make the collage in different styles as there are 7 collage layouts available for making collage. There are more than 100 Pic Collage templates available in the software which helps you to make the collage instantly with one click only. To use this Pic Collage software for making collage you need to have at least iOS 9 or later version.

    • 7 premade collage layout available in the app.
    • It offers you more than 30 premade backgrounds.
    • Exports the photos in 10000x10000 pixels.
    • Sometimes you can’t save the created collage and your all efforts will be wasted.
    • Takes lot of time in printing the photos.
    • No option to add text on the collages.
    Instagram Collage Maker - Pic Collage for Mac

    2. CollageFactory Pro - Photo Collage Maker & Greeting Cards Creator

    Price: 19.99$


    CollageFactory Pro is another Mac professional photo collage makers which also enables you to make greetings as well. This program is very powerful Instagram collage maker. If you are looking to make collage of your holiday then it is really very easy to make with this software because it comes with premade holiday collage template. There are so many other types of templates also available which can be applied on your photos with few clicks of your mouse only.

    • This software offers you over 100 greeting cards for free.
    • You can make 50 different types of collages.
    • Adding text on the collage & cards is also allowed by the software.
    • In trial you can’t save the image properly even in the resolution what you need.
    • Pro version is not able to rotate the pictures.
    • Customer service is worst.
    Instagram Collage Maker - CollageFactory Pro - Photo Collage Maker & Greeting Cards Creator

    3. AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker for Mac

    Price: 29.95$


    AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker for Mac is also a nice Instagram picture collage maker app which is easy to use and allows you to make cool collages. Not a matter whether you are planning to make a photo collage or greeting card this program can help you. In this program you can find the covers, desk wallpapers and many more options to beatify the images. This Instagram picture collage maker also enables you to share the created collage with friends and family via social media sites.

    • Supports greeting and photo collage both.
    • 10 different premade templates with different themes.
    • Adjust size; apply frames and text on your collage.
    • Unable to edit or change the background elements.
    • Only allows you to make collage and do basic editing.
    • Templates are not frequently updated.
    Instagram Collage Maker -AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker for Mac

    4.Shape Collage

    Price: Free


    Shape Collage is a free program for Mac users. This Instagram collage creator allows you to make the photos to fit on the Instagram with different patter collages for free of charge. There is no limitation in using the program because this is totally free of cost to use. There is automatic photo collage option is also available which automatically make collage for you with the added photos.

    • Multiple types of frames and templates to use with your collage.
    • More than 50 built in collage templates for free.
    • User interface is easy to use.
    • Very limited options to edit the collage.
    • You can only make collage not any option to edit the images using filters.
    • No background enhancement tool.
    Instagram Collage Maker -Shape Collage

    5. CollageIt

    Price: 29.90$


    CollageIt is a free to try collage maker app for the non-professional users. This program offers you a very easy interface for making collage from your photos on the Mac and windows system. You can easily turn the very basic ordinary photos in the special collage with the CollageIt program. You can easily produce your own photo collage using the photos of your family and friends with this software.

    • It supports BMP, JPEG, PNG, TGA, GIF major format images for making collage.
    • You can customize the photo grids as well.
    • Share the collage on your Facebook, twiter or the other social media sites.
    • There is lack of image enhancement tools.
    • Creating collage with blank page is not possible.
    Instagram Collage Maker -CollageIt

    Part 2. Top 10 Instagram Collage Maker Apps for Mobile Users

    5 Instagram Collage Maker Apps for Android Users

    1. 1 Layout from Instagram: Collage

    Price: Free


    Layout from Instagram is another app offered by the Instagram itself for making collages. This app is developed and maintained by the Instagram itself to help users in making collage as per their need very easily. This app is really a better way for making collage on the Android mobile. This Instagram collage maker app offers you to choose photos for editing from your mobile gallery or instantly click the new photos using the camera icon in the app. You can replace photos, swap, flip, mirror, mix 9 photos using this app offered by Instagram.

    Instagram Collage Maker - Snapseed

    2. 9Cut For Instagram

    Price: Free


    9Cut for Instagram is a third party app offers by another developer. This app enables you to quickly split images for the Instagram and show a single photo on the profile of your Instagram. This app is able to cut a single image in up to 9 different parts so it is also known as instagram 9 picture collage. It supports 3*1,3*2,3*3,3*4,3*5 types of grids for splitting the photos. With the 9 cut you can post the final created photos on Instagram directly with the one tap in the app.

    Instagram Collage Maker - 9Cut For Instagram

    3. 9square for Instagram

    Price: Free


    9square for Instagram is a very lightweight instagram 9 picture collage app for making collage using up to 9 photos. This app comes in very less MB size which makes it easy to use on the android without crashing the app. 9 squares for Instagram app crop the pictures in 5 different shapes. The major feature of the app is that it supports high quality image and directly post the final image on Instagram.

    Instagram Collage Maker -9square for Instagram

    4.Photo Collage Pro



    Photo Collage Pro is a best app for those people who are not satisfied with the basic photo collage makers. Photo Collage Pro Instagram grid maker app enables you to remix your multiple photos together with multiple effects and frames together. With the Photo Collage Pro app you can easily make the collage by following the few steps with the multiple types of layouts. There are more than 120 layouts & frames, shadows, text styles, stickers etc available for using with your images.

    Instagram Collage Maker -Photo Collage Pro

    5. Collage Maker - Photo Collage & Photo Editor

    Price: 3$


    Collage Maker - photo collage & photo editor app is a best Instagram collage app because it supports both photo editing and photo collage making. There are different types of layouts provided in the app so you can choose from the edit collage with filters, text and many more things to beautify the photos. You are allowed to join up to 18 photos together, more than 100 layout frames, stickers, fonts and many more other types of image beautify options.

    Instagram Collage Maker -Collage Maker - Photo Collage & Photo Editor

    5 Instagram Collage Maker Apps for IOS Users

    1. Diptic

    Price: 2.99$


    Diptic is a paid Instagram 9 picture collage app that comes with the multiple layouts for making photo grids. Even you can find multiple different types of animated frames as well in this app. Once you have added your photos in the layout of your choice this app will provide you option to edit the borders, text, aspect ratio and frames. There are more than 194 collage layouts and combination of 9 photo/video layouts available in this app.

    Instagram Collage Maker - Aviary

    2.Layout from Instagram

    Price: Free


    Layout from Instagram is the same app which we discussed for Android. This is the iOS version of the layout for Instagram. While using this app it allows you to choose the photos from iPhone or iPad mobile gallery or click the photos with the camera icon of the app. This is also a Instagram 9 picture collage app because it can join up to 9 photos together in a single image.

    Instagram Collage Maker - Layout from Instagram

    3. Moldiv

    Price: 14.99$


    Moldiv app is a best Instagram collage app which is paid but available for free to download and test the app features. This photo editor app offers you mostly all types of professional photo editing filters to edit the photos before making a collage. You can use design tools such as 312 layouts, add up to 16 photos, video camera, live video filters and many more things with this app. The great part of this app is that it also supports making video collage.

    Instagram Collage Maker - Moldiv

    4. Effectshop Pic & Collage Maker

    Price: Free


    Effectshop Pic & Collage Maker is a totally free of charge app with the awesome photo editing features and easy to use interface but provide ads while using. This app is very simple in the design and offers you to apply effects of filters in a specific area of an image. Effectshop app allows you to create multiple different types of text or graphics, fade out effects, blur the image area, change the sticker colors etc. This all is available for free of charge and you can generate high quality images after finishing your photo collage making.

    Instagram Collage Maker -  Effectshop Pic & Collage Maker

    5. Collage Maker, Mixgram Editor

    Price: 19.99$


    Collage Maker-Mixgram Editor is another professional and paid photo collage maker app that can be used on the iPhone and iPad. This is very easiest app that is used to edit, create and share your photos on the social media sites such as Instagram, twitter or Facebook. You can enhance the ordinary photos with the beautiful text, effects, backgrounds, filters and much more options with this Instagram picture collage maker.

    Instagram Collage Maker -Collage Maker, Mixgram Editor


    These are 20 best iPhone, Android, windows and Mac operating system apps and software for editing the images and making collage by joining multiple photos together. If you want to create your own background or use download background for your photo collage and get the high quality images then the Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the perfect program for you. This program is currently available for the windows only but this is the best and easy photo editor for windows devices.

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